LWL Museum of Art and Cultural History, Münster


filumen: These are high-quality processed lights in the interior design context. The production of own designs is the focus–customer-oriented special solutions arise for the contrct market. Our collection lamps

also allow rooms to appear in the right light, especially because of their individuality in dimensions, material and diameter, luminaires from Filumen are made for lighting designers and architects.

Several CYLS DRUM 76 pendant lights in the museum café of the LWL Museum

WL Museum of Art and Cultural History, Münster

Museum cafes – places to relax! Silk shades naturally create cosiness, which is quite difficult to achieve otherwise.

architecture: Staab Architekten
lighting design: LichtKunstLicht, Bonn
photos: Marcus Ebener

  • CYLS DRUM 80
  • shade champagne
  • ∅ 80 × h 40 cm
  • max. 3 × 60 W
Several CAST P pendant lights in the café of the Motel One Munich, Parkstadt

Motel One München-Parkstadt

With the cast glass lamp, filumen is heading for new shores: The glasses for the CAST series are cast and solid. An efficient LED module ­provides 650 lumens of good light with a warm white light colour.

interior design: Motel One
photo: Thomas Effinge

Douglas headquarters, Düsseldorf

Douglas headquarters, Düsseldorf

A cloud of light – illuminates the meeting room of the Douglas headquarters in Düsseldorf. A conglomeration of white, diameter-varying DRUM luminaires from the CYLS collection create the airy, lightweight look of the room concept and provide neither shade nor rain, but light.

interior design: Duo, Düsseldorf
lighting design: Planer LichtKunstLicht AG, Bonn
photos: Marcus Pietrek

  • shade: off-white
  • ∅ 50 × h 40 cm / ∅ 80 × h 40 cm
Group of white CYLS DRUM pendant lamps in a modern conference room.
CYLS DRUM pendant lights in various sizes and colours in the restaurant

Restaurant Wandel, Berlin

Large dimensions and colour schemes are another specialty of filumen. For a restaurant project by Widynski & Roick the CYLS DRUMS were manufactured in special sizes up to 180 cm diameter.

interior design: Widynski & Roick
photo: filumen

Penthouse living, Berlin

Penthouse living, Berlin

As a room-filling counterpart to the seating furniture, customised lighting for a penthouse with dimensions of 160 × 33 cm were manufactured in magenta-coloured silk and with a satin acrylic diffuser.

interior design: gut + schön gmbh
photo: filumen

  • CYLS DRUM 160
  • silk lampshade: magenta pink
  • ∅ 160 × h 40 cm
  • 6 × E27
Two large CYLS DRUM pendant lights in pink in a luxurious penthouse
Several CUBIC GATE Floor lamps in a lounge
Rheniumhaus, Rehau open space lounge

Rheniumhaus, Rehau open space lounge

filumen manufactures floor lights that help to create different atmospheres: For example, the CUBIC GATES series creates a spacious and habitable spatial structure. Whether varying dimensions, materials or integrated into a bench element – the possibilities are manifold and underline the theme of the room. Light technology: E27 LED retrofits

architecture: WeberWürschinger Architekten
photo: Stefan Meyer

  • shade: off-white
  • base: walnut
  • 55 × 24 × h 111 cm
  • E27 max. 100 W
Four CYLS DRUM pendant lights in black in a restaurant.

Barrique vault - Hotel Weinhaus Henninger

Drum lights instead of oak barrels — the CYLS DRUM in black for the modernization of a wine cellar in Palatinate.

planning: brandherm + krumrey
photo: Jochen Ziegler