Wall lamp CYLS EYE in the colour ochre.


As the archetypical form

the cylinder is the role model for this collection and gives it its name. The heart of the collection is the ceiling lamp CYLS EYE and its variations. The different sizes allow for creativity in the private use of an individual lamp or as a setting in the object.

The timeless design is made of high quality materials and precise workmanship. A true plus is the colour selection: 22 fabrics form the basis for setting accents or subtle play.

Two sizes of the CYLS COLUMN floor lamp in a modern lounge.


Classic, but young!

The floor lamp COLUMN fits almost anywhere in terms of comfort. The connection between the matt black cross base and the light-grey shade is timeless. The base stands well but also provides a sense of lightness. The COLUMN is available in two sizes with a height of 120 and 145 cm and is equipped with a black textile cable and foot switch.

Design: Christian Finke 2016

CYLS COLUMN floor lamp with black base.
Two sizes of the CYLS COLUMN floor lamp in a bright living room.

COLUMN 120 / 145

  • shade: chintz lightgrey #12
  • E27 max. 100 W
  • IP20
  • cord switching
  • optional dimmer and other colours

dimensions: ∅ 33 × h 120 cm / ∅ 40 × h 145 cm


The table lamp ORBITER is the little brother of the COLUMN floor lamp – more compact and just landed. The classic shade emphasizes the location without frills. A matt black cross base looks light, but stands well. This sideboard lamp is as simple as it is convincing.

CYLS ORBITER table lamp in chintz light-grey and black base on a grey sideboard.
The CYLS ORBITER table lamp in chintz light-grey on a sideboard in a cosy ambience.

ORBITER table lamp

  • chintz fabric lightgrey #12
  • metal base
  • GX53 socket max. 11,5 W
  • 830 lm
  • Design: Christian Finke + Torsten Nein 2019

dimensions: ∅ 23 × h 30 cm

A set of CYLS DRUM pendant lamps in different colours above a large solid wooden table.


Combinations and variations of colours and sizes. Handwoven Indian silks impress in colour and intensity. A silver-grey textile cable and a premium canopy underline the quality. We are offering these lamps with E27 and LED technology in three sizes with a diameter of 46, 76 and 116 cm.


DRUM 46 / 76 / 116

The DRUM pendants have been updated: the shades have become significantly flatter, LED variants have been added and the suspension has been optimized. You can find an overview of the new colour selection at the end of the collection.

  • Dimensions: ∅ 46 x h 22
  • ∅ 76 x h 28
  • ∅ 116 x h 35 cm
  • E27 or LED technology
Set of CYLS DRUM pendant lights in dupion silks: champagne, ochre and almond
CYLS DRUM 76 pendant lamps in a hotel restaurant.

LWL Museum of Art and Cultural History, Münster

Museum cafes – places to relax! Silk shades naturally create cosiness, which is quite difficult to achieve otherwise.

architecture: Staab Architekten
lighting design: LichtKunstLicht, Bonn
photos: Marcus Ebener

  • DRUM 80 E27
  • shade: champagne
  • ∅ 80 × h 40 cm
  • max. 3 × 60 W

Douglas headquarters, Düsseldorf

A cloud of light – illuminates the meeting room of the Douglas headquarters in Düsseldorf. A conglomeration of white, diameter-varying DRUM luminaires from the CYLS collection create the airy, lightweight look of the room concept and provide neither shade nor rain, but light.

interior design: Duo, Düsseldorf
lighting design: Planer LichtKunstLicht AG, Bonn
photos: Marcus Pietrek

  • DRUM in off-white
  • ∅ 50 × h 40 cm / ∅ 80 × h 40 cm
Group of white CYLS DRUM pendant lamps in a modern conference room.
Group of CYLS EYE wall and ceiling lamps in dupion silk in a corridor

EYE 33 / 50 / 65

is the wall/ceiling lamp of the CYLS collection. These are made in sizes 33, 50 and 65 cm in diameter. Luxurious silks and functional chintz fabrics offer a wide range of qualities and colours. The textile shades are attached to the mounting board with magnetic clips without tools.



We manufacture the timeless EYE lights in 11 chintz and 11 silk fabrics. The advantage lies in the mixture of functionality and aesthetics – the EYE fits anywhere where comfort and good lighting are important. The textile shades are attached to the mounting board with magnetic clips without tools.

CYLS EYE ceiling lamp in ochre.
CYLS EYE ceiling lamps as corridor lighting in a modern home

EYE 33

  • shade: silk silver-grey
  • E27 max. A100
  • options: LED technology, DALI dim, B1 fire protection

dimensions: ∅ 33 × h 14 cm


pendant lamp

diffusor removeable
available with E27 or LED

∅ 46 × h 22 cm
E27 socket, max. 60 W

∅ 76 × h 28 cm
E27 socket, max. 4 × 60 W

DRUM 116
∅ 116 x h 35 cm
E27 socket, max. 4 × 100 W

wall & ceiling lamp

shade fix magnetically
available with:
E27 or DC-LED 927/ 830

EYE 33
∅ 33 × d 14 cm

EYE 50
∅ 50 × d 19 cm

EYE 65
∅ 65 × d 24 cm

table lamp

chintz or silk shade,
steel base
black matt powder-coated
GX53 socket, 5,5W, 500lm

∅ 23 × h 30 cm

shadecolours silk

black #01
silver-gray #05
off-white #02
almond #24
champagne #06
turquoise #25
ochre #26
yellow #27
orange-gold #09
orange-red #10
cassis #04

shadecolours chintz

coffee #20
anthracite #13
stonegrey #18
lightgrey #12
white #22
beige #14
mustard #23
kiwi #15
olive #21
flamingo #19
coral #17


floor lamp

chintz shade, steel base
black matt powder-coated
E27 max. 100 W

∅ 33 × h 120 cm

∅ 40 × h 145 cm


black matt powder-coated steel


light-grey #12