Three light shades made of silk in rectangular shape in grey and white and pink.


Surface, space and material

Perspective is what sets the tone here – lines and surfaces form the body and emphasize either visual or spatial elements. The design is strikingly clear and simple in its form.

The large variety of colours allow for fundamentally different contexts: from rather classical to modern. Individually or arranged in a set, with many possibilities for colour and composition.

Two sizes of the CUBIC GATE table lamp made of metal base and fabric shade on a decorated sideboard.


The GATE table lamp is the starter and cornerstone of the CUBIC series and filumen: a table lamp that sets the tone, in two sizes. The smaller version is suitable as a bedside light, the larger version for the sideboard. The body is made of soft-edged sheet steel in matt black and matt white. The silver-grey textile cable matches the material quality of the shade and sets a contrast to the clear form.

Two sizes of the CUBIC GATE table lamp in pink and red on a sideboard in a modern studio.

  • GATE 21
  • base: steel black matt
  • silk shade cassis
  • E27 max. A60 W
  • dimensions: 21 × 13 × h 43 cm
  • GATE 27
  • base: steel black matt
  • silk shade orange-red
  • E27 max. A60 W
  • dimensions: 27 × 15 × h 55 cm
Frame P

Framing a light.

The cubic FRAME is available as pendant or ceiling lamp in two different colours and sizes. Easy to install, the fabric shades are attached via magnet clips. The satin-finished diffuser on the bottom pleasantly disperses the light.

Square CUBiC FRAME lamps in a modern open studio
CUBIC FRAME pendant lights in black silk above a table a the creative studio.
Frame P


We manufacture the pendant or surface-mounted light FRAME in 2 standard sizes of 50 and 75 cm and optionally equipped with LED modules or a classic E27 screw socket.

  • shade silk black
  • AC LED 250
  • 3500 lm
  • 3000 K
  • pendulum length ca. 200 cm
  • options: dimming, light colour, electrification

dimensions: 50 × 50 × h 21 cm

Frame M


filumen manufactures many special solutions for individual projects. In addition to dimensional changes and fire protection specifications, tailor-made solutions are manufactured. With de Winder architects, a complete floor was equipped with special FRAME luminaires for the VDA in Berlin.

dimensions: 75 × 75 × h 30 cm / 125 × 125 × h 40 cm

architecture: Zetlmayer DeWinder Architekten
lighting design: Michael Schmidt
photo: Mark Braun

CUBIC FRAME ceiling lights set into a ceiling at the VDA, Berlin.
CUBIC BOX wall lamp in an open staircase of a bright flat.

BOX 35

  • shade: silver-grey
  • E27 max. A60 W
  • dimensions: 35 × 18 × h 35 cm
Two CUBIC BOX wall lamps in white on concrete wall above blue sofa.

With a slight distance to the wall, almost floating – a clear, cubic wall lamp that leaves no questions unanswered. Arranged individually or in a set with many options for colour and composition in two sizes.

  • BOX 27 
  • shade: silk or chintz
  • E27 max. A60 W
  • dimensions: 27 × 15 × h 27 cm
  • BOX 35
  • shade: silk or chintz
  • E27 max. A60 W
  • dimensions: 35 × 18 × h 35 cm
Colourful kimono hung on a white wall.


Reassembling vintage silks.

According to a Japanese saying, the kimono encircles the whole world. Kimonos are designed with drama and tension in mind, just like nature. They tell stories of life and its impermanence. Thus, the opulent antique kimono silks of the old Japanese textile masters meet the clarity of our CUBIC GATES – this is our SAISO EDITION. As per Japanese custom, filumen recombines and rearranges old kimono fabrics. Every piece is unique.

The GATE SAISO table lamp in an upscale flat in an old building decorated with stucco.
Gate Saiso

Formal aesthetic and yet playful. The shape is familiar but the splendour of vintage kimono silks creates something wholly original. The focus is on the details: the motives, the techniques, the structures. The vibrancy of the materials breaks up the lamp’s minimal form and enriches it.

  • EDS GATE 27
  • base: black piano finish
  • shade: saiso-orange
  • E27 max. 60 W
  • dimensions: 27 × 15 × h 55 cm

  • EDS GATE 21
  • base: olive-grey lacquered /
  • shade: saiso multi-coloured
  • E27 max. 60 W
  • dimensions: 21 × 13 × h 43 cm
  • EDS GATE 27
  • base: black piano finish
  • shade: saiso red
  • E27 max. 60 W
  • dimensions: 27 × 15 × h 55 cm
Two GATE SAISO table lamps next to a painting on a light grey sideboard.
Kimono colour code from filumen.

Saison colour codes

All products of the SAISO edition refer to the SAISO colour code. This shows a certain spectrum of how the product can look like.

Kimono cushion in patchwork of dupioni silk and kimono


A sophisticated Eurasian interpretation of patchwork design — perhaps even an allegory of our times. A magnificent interaction between Indian dupioni silk and splendid kimono fragments. Perfect handcraft.

Kimono cushion in colourful patchwork of dupioni silk and kimono


  • colour code: multi-coloured (mix of kimono fabrics and silks)
  • dimensions: 50 × 50 × 20 cm

cubic gates

table lamp

silk or chintz shade
steel base white or black
matt powder-coated
E27 max. 60 W

optional with dimmer

21 × 13 × h 43 cm

27 × 15 × h 55 cm

both sizes are available with kimono shade as GATE SAISO

pendant & mounting light
silk or chintz shade
E27 max. 60 W or LED

50 × 50 × h 21 cm

75 × 75 × h 27 cm

wall lamp
silk or chintz shade
E 27 max. 60 W

BOX 27
27 × 15 × h 27 cm

BOX 35
35 × 18 × h 35 cm

shadecolours silk

black #01
silver-grey #05
off-white #02
almond #24
champagne #06
turquoise #25
ochre #26
yellow #27
orange-gold #09
orange-red #10
cassis #04

shadecolours chintz

coffee #20
anthracite #13
stonegrey #13
light-grey #12
white #22
beige #14
mustard #23
kiwi #15
olive #21
flamingo #19
coral #17