filumen: These are high-quality processed lights in the interior design context. The production of own designs is the focus–customer-oriented special solutions arise for the object area. Talk to us about your project ideas.

We support you with know-how and passion. Our work consists of consulting, developing, implementing. Let‘s work together to develop tailor-made luminaires for a unique architecture.

Commerzbank – Lateral Towers, Frankfurt am Main

Long but airy, with plenty of light. 2.5 meter-long textile shade luminaires with T5 technology and digital dimming. The challenge was to combine the lightweight design with a statically balanced suspension consisting of only two wire cables. This was made possible thanks to a profiled tube construction.

architectur: apd architekten ingenieure
photo: filumen

Ernst & Young, München

In collaboration with Landau + Kindelbacher Architekten, we developed a customized continuous wall light for the catering section. These were partly equipped with light bars and LED downlights up to five meters in length. The dimensions were challenging.

Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, Berlin

A design that plays with the sizes of and the distances between shapes. For this contract, we manufactured the cubic ceiling lamp cg_frame in various sizes and materials to meet the requirements.

planning: Holger Janke
photo: Christian Finke

Metis Rechtsanwälte LLP, Frankfurt am Main

a place where decisions are made … For the meeting room of the law firm Metis RA, we manufactured a long pendant lamp that guarantees focus. A counterweight enables continuous adjustments for different room uses.

planning: sisaform

custom made

  • dimensions: 240 x 40 x 30 cm

VDA, Berlin

Old substance, new look. For the refurbishment of the Marquis Palace, filumen manufactured simple wall and ceiling lamps. The cubic textile shades, partly recessed into the ceiling, continue the theme of careful renewal and create contemporary light with digital controls.

Café Ernst & Young, München

Customized at an angle of 79 degrees – in accordance with the building, neither the two legs of the bar are right angles. An 11 meter-long band of light was developed for the counter.

client: Ernst & Young
planner: Landau + Kindelbache

VDA, Berlin

Old substance with a new look. filumen made in the refurbishment of the Marquis Palace simple wall and ceiling lamps. The partly recessed into the ceiling cubic textile umbrellas are continuing the theme of careful renovation and create a contemporary light with digital control.

architecture: Zetlmayer DeWinder Architekten
lighting design: Michael Schmidt

cg_frame 75 | 125 T5

dimensions: 75 x 75 x 30 cm
  • 125 x 125 x 40 cm

Casino Compass Group

Casino lighting for a global player with high demands. The right colour for the CI and efficient LED technology for modern energy management. Next to light quality, we also master large dimensions, countless of detailed adjustments as well as logistical challenges.

interior design: elemento-architecture

Conference rooms, Dierks + Bohle RA

Less classical – rather minimally rhythmic. Cubic field lights with a lot of luminosity in differentiating positions – this encourages coming together. That is exactly what we did with the planners from de Winder Architekten, which allowed us to find a way.

client: Dierks + Bohle RA
interior design: de Winder Architects